The Mystics, featuring Supergrass producer Sam Williams were signed for a large advance to Polygram owned label Fontana in 1995, After two singles the label and the band fell out, and the label dropped the band without releasing their debut album.

The band however, are credited with having a massive influence on the Oxford scene in the recent past - particuly after the release of 'I should coco', the Supergrass album which showed off the creative production talents of The Mystics frontman Sam.

The Mystics album, with the original working title 'Wind-Up Funny Action' is is said by many to have been one of the most influential albums on the maturing Oxford scene even without being released. Dark, slick, loud and uncompromising - this is the flip side of Oxford Pop, sophisticated, inspiring and very beautiful all at once

Now simply titled 'The Mystics' - this is the album we feel Rotator was created to release and we are proud to beable to ensure that this work of awesome scope and power is 'out there' and not rusting in a can. That the Mystics could not exist on a major is a testament to the crazy ablity of the music business to genuine genius. Something this radical and wonderful could only be possible where music is the priority not the marketing plan

Releases on Rotator

The Mystics


  • Lucy's Factory
  • See You
  • Happy
  • Dead
  • Butterfly
  • Horse
  • Easy
  • Who's That Girl?
  • Lolita
  • Star
  • Released: 1998
    Catalogue #: RRAD 114

Lucy's Factory

CD Single featuring:

  • Lucy's Factory
    (Radio Edit)
  • Not Higher
  • Lucy's Factory
    (Factory Mix)
  • Star 98
Released: 1998
Catalogue #: RRSD 115

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